Ritwik Dutta

Hello. I'm a student and developer located in California.

In my personal time, I enjoy programming, listening to music, playing video games, watching movies and TV, and reading books.

Programming Python, C/C++,Java, Linux CLI
6 years of experience with data structures, algorithms, and simple tools (e.g., sorting, trees, linked lists)
Web Development HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PyMongo
4 years of experience with creating websites either from scratch or using various online technologies and frameworks (e.g., HTML5, CSS3, jQuery,Bootstrap, WordPress, MongoDB, PyMongo)
Graphics Adobe Photoshop, Inkscape
4 years of experience in creating images or logos for various projects
Video/Audio Editing Adobe After Effects, Audacity
4 years of experience in creating short films, gaming videos , and background audio
IDEs/VC Eclipse, IntelliJ, Git
5 years of experience in writing code, managing files, and general project for various programming applications and projects
Editors Vim, SublimeText, Geany
5 years of experience in writing code for various programming applications and projects
Here are some select projects I have worked on.

GT Health Dashboard

The GT Health Dashboard is a software project I implemented at Georgia Tech over the summer under the guidance of a professor. It is about creating a free and open-source end-to-end software system for monitoring long term care patients in smart homes.

Max Keyboards Key Configuration Utility

I created this keyboard configuration utility for Max Keyboards. It can be used to create a customized keyboard with a variety of layouts and options. Each key can be individually customized with respect to LED and keycap color. Every key on the page is rendered entirely in CSS. I created this entire page from scratch


K.A.R.E is a project that I started at a hackathon with some friends. It is a GitHub recommendation engine that provides repositories similar to user selected repositories. I worked on some of the frontend and backend components of this project.


securewallet is a cool little password manager I wrote as a side project. It uses 128-bit AES encryption. It's written in pure Python, so theoretically it should work on any platform, but I've only tested on Linux. I wrote this entire application.


If you want to contact me, shoot me an email, and I'll respond as soon as possible.